Building Bridges International

Glory comes to God when whole communities see Christ’s hand transforming their lives.

Why re-invent the wheel and duplicate resources?

We believe that God continues to position people and other resources, locally and abroad, to accomplish His plans.  Our goal is to locate these resources and connect them to meet specific needs of front-line ministry.    We are focused on supporting those that help support frontline ministry and mobilizing entire communities to rally around ministry activities.  For example, if we are supporting a project in another country we look for ways to support them from afar with the ultimate goal of helping them to build long-term relationships within their own communities.  This helps avoid dependence and fosters self-sustainability.  Also, more people get involved in the process and begin to live missional lifestyles.


FLEXIBLE   =  Quick response and adaptive to specific tasks

GLOBAL =  Focus on the least reached people groups among the nations

DYNAMIC  =  Developing sustained and integrated relationships