Oklahoma Tornado Relief

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For Zion's Sake! An event you do not want to miss!

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Blood Drive at USM for Boston Marathon victims

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Akira & Children’s Foundation

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Global Focus – Israel

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In Israel this week, as in most countries most weeks, many things have happened, but we will focus in on a few for which we would ask that you pray.  First, there is the upcoming International Atomic Energy Agency meeting on 10 September.  The IAEA is an international organization formed of those countries known to have atomic weapons.  The organization’s focus is on improving nuclear safety and dismantling known weapons and centers of nuclear activity.  Jordan, a country bordering Israel, has asked the IAEA to reprimand Israel for their “secret” atomic program, claiming that while Israel is criticizing Iran for their nuclear program, Israel’s own program is what is keeping the Middle East from being safely atomic weapon-free.

Israel has never admitted to having nuclear weapons, but they are widely believed to be the only Middle Eastern country to have successfully built atomic weapons.  Israel claims that Jordan is simply using this issue to distract the IAEA from focusing on Iran’s nuclear program and refusal to halt their program or even to let IAEA officials inspect their site despite the urging of the international community.  Please keep both countries in your prayers, as well as the outcome of this 154-nation meeting.

Further concerns about Israel, praise that Egypt’s new president has issued a statement in the press that the peace treaty with Israel is safe.  This comment, made to Reuters, is a good indicator that Mursi will seek to establish good relations with Israel.  Also, please continue to keep in your prayers the families affected by the attacks of Israeli youth.  Three Israeli teenagers, barely past middle-school age, were arrested this week on suspicion of bombing a Palestinian taxi with a Palestinian family inside.  The taxi burst into flames and flipped over.  Please pray for both the Palestinian and Israeli families affected by this tragedy, or greater understanding and awareness on both sides, and that they would come to the saving knowledge of our savior, Yeshua (Jesus).

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