Oklahoma Tornado Relief

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Blood Drive at USM for Boston Marathon victims

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Akira & Children’s Foundation

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Story of Love: Pastor Umar Mulinde

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I took this story from Maoz Blog, the article is originally from the Jersusalem Post but I wanted to share with you this story, because it is a beautiful story of the power of Messiah and his love. I hope you can see the video in bottom of the post.

‘We feel safe here’


Pastor who was attacked with acid in Uganda for supporting Israel gets treatment at Sheba Medical Center.

Pastor Umar Mulinde’s love for Israel has only grown since he began treatment here for the burns he sustained in a horrific acid attack in his home country of Uganda on Christmas Eve last year.

“I really love being here in Jerusalem,” said Mulinde, wearing a mask to hide his burns. “My family and I love Israel and feel safe here.”

In a wide-ranging interview on Monday with Steve Linde, The Jerusalem Post’s editor-in- chief and other staff at the newspaper, Mulinde explained his journey from being a Muslim to his conversion to Christianity and his untiring support for the Jewish state.

The pastor said he was attacked by a presumed Muslim terrorist in the east African country because of his outspoken sermons in favor of Israel, and his screening of pro-Israel films.

But the attack, which left him with severe burns and without an eye, had failed to sway him.

“There is a lot of biased information about this country [Israel] and a need to get balanced information,” said Mulinde, seated in the Post editorial lounge with his wife, Evelyn, and their two children.

Mulinde’s efforts to debunk prejudices against Jews and Israel had led him to arrange for a film presentation on Jerusalem.

He recalled that as he left the event in Kampala – the capital of Uganda – a man confronted him. He had felt “a splash of a very hot substance” on his head and managed to pivot away to avoid his entire face from being doused with acid.

The assailant screamed “Allahu Akbar” during the attack. Mulinde said at that moment, he realized that the assailant had been a Muslim terrorist.

Seriously disfigured by the acid, Mulinde has been receiving free treatment at the burn unit of Sheba Medical Center. His entire head is bandaged and one of his eyes is covered by an eye-patch.

Evelyn, his wife, described the family’s reaction to her husband being doused with acid.

“It was so traumatizing for me and the kids,” she said, remembering how they had cried, knelt down and prayed together.

Mulinde also delved into the period of Ugandan history under the notoriously anti- Israel president Ida Amin, whose military dictatorship reigned from 1971-79 and engaged in a blood-soaked repression against dissenters.

“Idi Amin declared Uganda an Islamic state and ushered in Shari’a law,” said Mulinde.

“Any country that practices Shari’a law will not have good relations with Israel. And less than 10 percent of the country was Muslim at the time.”

Uganda’s Christian population now comprises 84% of the country, with an estimated 12% Muslim.

Mulinde said he was born a Muslim in 1973, and his family rejected him when he converted to Christianity as a 20-year-old. He said he had experienced an Islam “filled with hate.”

His sharp break with the indoctrination of an intolerant form of Islam, which, he noted, caused him to “hate Jews and Israel” as a student of the Koran, moved him to analyze the two monotheistic religions – Judaism and Christianity.

“I said I must understand the Israelites and the Jewish people if I want to continue with the study of the Bible,” he explained. “When I realized there was bias against Jews, I spoke out.”

His high-energy pro-Israel advocacy work involved speaking to up to 5,000 Ugandans at a time in a football stadium and reaching thousands more during his day-to-day Internet activities.

He established contact with Andrea Gottlieb, from Philadelphia, who serves as the executive director of JerusalemOnlineUniversity.com, a pedagogical online portal devoted to Israel and Jewish affairs.

Gottlieb, who met Mulinde for the first time in person at the Post’s headquarters on Monday, said she had first communicated with the pastor online three years ago.

After the attack, Gottlieb engineered Mulinde’s travel to Israel and helped enable his treatment process at Sheba Medical Center.

Gottlieb described her efforts in December of last year to secure him treatment in Israel during a family holiday in Florida.

“Our whole vacation was about the pastor,” she said, smiling, with tears in her eyes. She noted that her family had been very supportive of the need to fly Mulinde, who had initially flown to India, to Israel for the best treatment.

As a pastor, Mulinde had organized group trips to Israel.

“When you come to Israel, you realize the story is different,” he said.

Mulinde noted that his work had helped debunk the myth that there no Israeli Arabs living in Israel.

“When I first got here, I was surprised to see Arabs living together in peace with Jews,” he said.

He has since lectured in South Africa on Israel’s vibrant democracy. Any comparisons between Israel and the former apartheid regime in South Africa, he said, are made by people “who do not know what they are talking about” and only serve to “abuse the African people.”

Asked about why he had converted to Christianity, he said he had met a pastor “who was preaching a different message – a God of Peace, in contrast to the God of the Koran.”

With the experience of Israel’s Operation Pillar of Defense behind them, Evelyn said that despite the rocket attacks from Gaza, “I feel safe in Israel. I feel loved.”

The Ugandan authorities have failed to apprehend the perpetrator of the acid attack on Mulinde, who blamed a Muslim in charge of Uganda’s counterterrorism unit for not pursuing the “act of terrorism on me.”

He said one person had been arrested but within two days, the suspect was released.

Mulinde complained and the counterterrorism head was relieved of his duties. Yet the Ugandan security officials have still not made an arrest, he said.

Prof. Zeev Rotstein, the CEO and director of Sheba Medical Center, said his hospital had welcomed Mulinde with open arms, and he was making good progress.

“Our decision to treat the pastor was completely humanitarian. It was not done to receive publicity or thanks from anyone,” Rotstein told The Jerusalem Post. “Here was a man who had been hurt in a hostile attack because of his strong support for Israel. And we, in the best tradition of Israel, offered our help.”

Rotstein and Mulinde were honored recently by the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem at the conclusion of their annual Feast of the Tabernacles. Both men were given a standing applause by the audience of over 5,000 Christians from some 90 nations at the Jerusalem International Convention Center.

“It really moved me,” Rotstein said. “It was a pleasant and unexpected surprise. I was dumbfounded by the outpouring of support for us, for Israel and for the Jewish people by the huge crowd.”

Steve Linde contributed to this report.

Global Focus – Israel

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In Israel this week, as in most countries most weeks, many things have happened, but we will focus in on a few for which we would ask that you pray.  First, there is the upcoming International Atomic Energy Agency meeting on 10 September.  The IAEA is an international organization formed of those countries known to have atomic weapons.  The organization’s focus is on improving nuclear safety and dismantling known weapons and centers of nuclear activity.  Jordan, a country bordering Israel, has asked the IAEA to reprimand Israel for their “secret” atomic program, claiming that while Israel is criticizing Iran for their nuclear program, Israel’s own program is what is keeping the Middle East from being safely atomic weapon-free.

Israel has never admitted to having nuclear weapons, but they are widely believed to be the only Middle Eastern country to have successfully built atomic weapons.  Israel claims that Jordan is simply using this issue to distract the IAEA from focusing on Iran’s nuclear program and refusal to halt their program or even to let IAEA officials inspect their site despite the urging of the international community.  Please keep both countries in your prayers, as well as the outcome of this 154-nation meeting.

Further concerns about Israel, praise that Egypt’s new president has issued a statement in the press that the peace treaty with Israel is safe.  This comment, made to Reuters, is a good indicator that Mursi will seek to establish good relations with Israel.  Also, please continue to keep in your prayers the families affected by the attacks of Israeli youth.  Three Israeli teenagers, barely past middle-school age, were arrested this week on suspicion of bombing a Palestinian taxi with a Palestinian family inside.  The taxi burst into flames and flipped over.  Please pray for both the Palestinian and Israeli families affected by this tragedy, or greater understanding and awareness on both sides, and that they would come to the saving knowledge of our savior, Yeshua (Jesus).

Until next time,



Here comes the Harvest!

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The Grapes are Ripening

The grapes in the Land are nearing perfection, and we are thrilled with the anticipation of what the G-d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob wants to accomplish through this year’s harvest!

You have performed Your words, For You are righteous.Nehemiah 9:8b

How can YOU help?
Share in this work!

There are still some harvesters who are awaiting financial provision to join us for this year! These folks have their applications approved and their passports ready. They have stepped out in faith and made themselves available, trusting that the Father would provide for them to participate with His work.

If your heart is with us, but you can’t go with us physically this year, please consider reaching out to supply for those who have put their lives on hold to help accomplish this task, but lack the funding. This enormous work of restoration has a place for everyone. Some are assigned to the front lines of the vineyard, and some to prayer and financial backup. Each person depends on the others to fulfill their roles.

. . . the whole body, joined and knit together by what every joint supplies, according to the effective working by which every part does its share, causes growth of the body for the edifying of itself in love. – Ephesians 4:16

The costs for harvesters include:
Airfare —————————————- $1200 per person
Housing, food, transportation ————– $300/week per person
Full sponsorship for 1 person, for 3 weeks
(covering all of the above) —————- $2200

If you are being called to help send the hands for this year’s work of the Harvest, please click here to donate via Paypal, or send a donation through the mail.

Whether or not you can participate financially, we covet your prayers for the season ahead.

Thank you, and we look forward to updating you from the vineyards SOON!!

Fall 2012 – Harvest Trip (Hayovel)

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It is not too late to join an incredible journey to Israel, the covenant land of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. This is an opportunity for God-fearers from the nations to come together and serve independent Jewish farmers in the heartland of Israel – harvesting vineyards in the mountains of Samaria and Judea! (There is also a pruning trip in the spring.) Watch the Bible come to life, and be a part of the prophetic restoration of God’s chosen people to their covenant land! Come to bless and be blessed! If you cannot make the trip yourself, but would like to sponsor a harvester, please go to buildingbridgesint.org and make a donation with a comment that your donation is to support HaYovel.

Who should come?

HaYovel is all about family order and proper authority. Just as much as we need physically strong workers, we also need elders for wisdom and grounding and homemakers to keep things running smoothly. We encourage families to come together if possible.

What should I expect?

Come expecting to be challenged and inspired! Flexibility and a heart to humbly serve are prerequisites. You will live in close community with other volunteers. In addition to the awesome privilege of working in the soil of Israel, on days we are not working in the vineyards or resting you will get to tour. Most tours focus on Biblical sites related to God’s covenants and hearing from Israelis who have devoted their lives to the restoration of the land.

Fall 2012 – Harvest Trip – this one’s for everybody! ***ACCEPTING VOLUNTEER APPLICATIONS NOW!*** -Scroll Down-
(10 Week Trip: September 4th – November 13th)
(6 Week Trip: September 5th – October 17th)
(3 Week Trip: Option 1: September 5th – September 24th)
(3 Week Trip: Option 2: October 17th – November 7th)

Where do I sign up?

The first thing you need to do is request an application form using the form below. An application is necessary for each trip. If you sent in an application for a previous trip you still need to fill out and send in a new application.

Sign up