Special Presentation “The Real Mount Sinai”

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Did the Exodus ever really happen? Did the Israelites really wander in a desert for 40 years? Join Jim and Penny Caldwell for their powerful, multi-media presentation of what could be evidence of the Biblical Exodus. Gathered at great risk from behind forbidden, barbed wire fences in the deep deserts of Saudi Arabia, the Caldwell’s have obtained evidence that could, if confirmed, validate that the Exodus event described in the Bible was accurate and historical. Forced into silence for all the years of research inside Arabia, much of their original work & first time discoveries were the source for others working on the topic of Sinai in Arabia. They will take you on a unique journey where few have traveled, and uncover secrets closely held for centuries. Theirs is an experience you won’t want to miss!

Join us in Bay St. Louis, MS to hear Jim and Penny Caldwell share about their experiences in the Middle East; specifically related to “Mount Sinai”.

For more information: http://splitrockresearch.org/content/Welcome/

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