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Help us “Build A Bridge” of support for Dustan and Darlene Stanley from Revolutionary Life International (RLI)!  The goal of Building Bridges International is to build a bridge of atleast (77) people that will support Dustan and Darlene at $10/month.   Click the link at the bottom to partner with RLI – mention BBI in your comment(s).  You can also make a donation at and specify that you want to support RLI. 

Thanks everyone ~ Bryan and Leah Rodgers

Dear Revolutionaries,
By the time you read this we will already be outside of the USA. Today, July 3rd, marks the departure for our most intense mission journey yet.

We wanted to take the time and write to say thanks for all the kindness, gifts, and support you have shown since we arrived in the USA. Our Revolutionary Life family blesses us in more ways than we can list, and we are honored to serve as the leaders of this ever expanding ministry. What an honor to preach the Gospel! What an honor to have your support! What a thrill to go all in for Jesus!

As we go, we are still in need of more monthly $10 partners. Your recurring donations make such a difference for us as we travel into the unreached world to make Jesus known. Please, if you have been blessed by the ministry/TV show of Revolutionary Life, or if you want to be more involved in taking the Gospel to people who have never heard it, click HERE or the GIVE button at the top. You can setup your automatic $10 a month gift! If you think about it, that’s only one meal a month. It may not seem like much, but many of us together can really make a difference. We’ll go, eat, sleep, and give our all on the field. We will do our part with all we are. Will you help send us?

Again, thank you. Please feel free to respond to this email. We (Dustan and Darlene) try our best to read each response personally. With every encouraging letter we are more and more empowered to keep at it, to go further and deeper in the Lord, and to continue living the Revolutionary Life.

Truly Grateful,
Dustan and Darlene Stanley



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