BBI Newsletter – March

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Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will in all things grow up into Christ. From Him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work! Ephesians 4: 15-16

bridge (n.)
Structure spanning and providing passage over a gap or barrier. 2. Link of understanding between countries. 3. To connect, fasten, or put togethertwo or more pieces – to become joined or linked

Building Bridges International (BBI) is involved in supporting many projects both locally and abroad. Our mission is to connect resources and impact nations. BBI is dedicated to showing people the bigger picture of what God is doing and then providing simple and practical ways to get involved. BBI aims to connect businesses, non-profits, individuals, etc. to bring the body of Christ together. You are part of a local bridge reaching into the nations!

Where did 2011 go? Time is moving so quickly! In June of 2011, I got married to the most amazing lady ever, Leah Tennyson Rodgers! As one can imagine, we have been merging our lives and preparing to launch out together with BBI. Leah’s background is in the arts (theater, music and dance). She will be leading our efforts in redeeming the arts and using them to tell stories that impact culture and transcend cultural barriers.

BBI believes in the power of prayer! We have been helping to establish prayer networks in areas of the world where persecution is a reality of life. Here in the USA, I was invited to join an intercessory team on part of their coast to coast journey on horseback and praying for our country as well as people along the way. From a construction standpoint, BBI had the opportunity to accompany a team of friends from Northern Alabama, to help lay thousands of square feet of ceramic floor tile in a church sanctuary on a Navajo reservation. BBI also helped to complete construction and prepare for the launching of the Hawaii Center for World Missions! We are still supporting ongoing projects in Israel, the Netherlands, Scotland, Hawaii, Malaysia, Thailand and Mexico, among other countries. From an educational standpoint, I had the privilege of teaching two Perspectives classes in Arizona. The lessons were interactive and focused on how business impacts mission. For additional information refer to:

On a local front, BBI has been focusing on the pandemic of human trafficking. This is taking place in our own cities and neighborhoods everywhere. As a faith community we must take a stand against this evil that is hidden in darkness! BBI has been supporting Advocates For Freedom (AFF), an organization dedicated to ending the exploitation, sale and enslavement of men, women and children. BBI has also been supporting , Freedom Hall, a community center that is bringing transformation to our neighborhoods. Inside Freedom Hall is Liberty Café, a coffee shop that is serving the community and bringing awareness about issues that have global impact.

BBI (Newsletter) – March


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is Design and Development Director of BBI. He is an artist and a Hebrew learner that live in Ocean Springs, MS. His passion is to share the good news of the Messiah and connect bridges around the nations. Follow him at his Twitter account @C_Mendoza07

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