Oklahoma Tornado Relief

May 22nd, 2013 (No Comments)

I am writing this for your review/consideration. Yesterday, my wife and I were contacted by a close friend, that serves and protects our local communities, as a Sheriff deputy. Initially, they could not reach friends and family that were affected by the tornadoes. Since then, we received a praise report (see his note below). Though […]

Akira & Children’s Foundation

April 25th, 2013 (No Comments)

THE A.T.O. is bringing awareness about suicides among teenagers and young adults. Our initial focus is on St. Tammany Parish in Louisiana. This parish has an extremely high rate of suicides; for example, there have been 104 suicides in the last 3 years. THIS HAS TO STOP! We at A & C Foundation provide motivational […]

Messianic Aleph Tav Scriptures (MATS)

March 18th, 2013 (No Comments)

The Messianic Aleph/Tav את Scriptures was written to be a Study Bible and is the most unique rendition of the Tanakh (Old Testament) Bible of its kind in the world. Unequivocally the greatest symbol in biblical history since it was revealed by the Apostle John is the Aleph/Tav את Character Symbol. It is the HOLY […]

Story of Love: Pastor Umar Mulinde

November 29th, 2012 (No Comments)

I took this story from Maoz Blog, the article is originally from the Jersusalem Post but I wanted to share with you this story, because it is a beautiful story of the power of Messiah and his love. I hope you can see the video in bottom of the post. ‘We feel safe here’ By […]

Jimmy Esposito Newk’s Fundraising

October 31st, 2012 (No Comments)

Emma Sturm wrote this for the blog about the Newk’s Fundraiser for Jimmy Esposito: The Newk’s fundraiser was a surprising event. With the economy as bad as it is, people from the community came to break bread and opened their already tight wallets. Several people said they wanted to give more but they gave all […]

Here comes the Harvest!

August 24th, 2012 (No Comments)

The Grapes are Ripening The grapes in the Land are nearing perfection, and we are thrilled with the anticipation of what the G-d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob wants to accomplish through this year’s harvest! You have performed Your words, For You are righteous. – Nehemiah 9:8b How can YOU help? Share in this work! […]

Life for Marriage Conference (August 2012)

August 10th, 2012 (No Comments)

It is not too late to register for this life changing marriage conference! This conference will help participants to prepare for marriage, strengthen their marriage and/or heal their marriage. Chris and Tanya Harmon share from the heart on how Jesus, through this marriage conference changed their lives! If you are interested in participating, scroll down […]

Fall 2012 – Harvest Trip (Hayovel)

August 10th, 2012 (No Comments)

It is not too late to join an incredible journey to Israel, the covenant land of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. This is an opportunity for God-fearers from the nations to come together and serve independent Jewish farmers in the heartland of Israel – harvesting vineyards in the mountains of Samaria and Judea! […]

Revolutionary Life needs donations

August 5th, 2012 (No Comments)

Help us “Build A Bridge” of support for Dustan and Darlene Stanley from Revolutionary Life International (RLI)!  The goal of Building Bridges International is to build a bridge of atleast (77) people that will support Dustan and Darlene at $10/month.   Click the link at the bottom to partner with RLI – mention BBI in your comment(s).  You can also make a donation at […]

Special Presentation “The Real Mount Sinai”

August 3rd, 2012 (No Comments)

Did the Exodus ever really happen? Did the Israelites really wander in a desert for 40 years? Join Jim and Penny Caldwell for their powerful, multi-media presentation of what could be evidence of the Biblical Exodus. Gathered at great risk from behind forbidden, barbed wire fences in the deep deserts of Saudi Arabia, the Caldwell’s […]